What Industry Does Credit Repair Fall Under? A Comprehensive Guide

Credit repair is an integral part of the financial services industry, and it can be especially important if you have a lower credit rating due to errors in your credit reports. One of the most important things to remember when looking at credit repair statistics is that improving your score takes time. In a survey, 18% of Americans reported that they were having difficulty canceling their credit repair services. Before seeking professional help, here are some credit repair statistics to consider when evaluating your options. It's not uncommon for these companies to be fined heavily or even banned from participating in the credit repair business.

Additionally, the increase in minimum wages over the period has caused a decrease in demand for credit repair services among Americans with lower incomes, while the decrease in unemployment has allowed more Americans to pay off their debts. This industry identifies errors in credit reports and disputes inaccurate information with relevant organizations to improve credit ratings. Bankrate points out, citing Experian's credit rating statistics, that people with a longer credit history tend to have a higher score. A study on credit repair statistics conducted by the Federal Trade Commission revealed that 20% of Americans have an error in at least one of their reports. This depends on the type of problems you have with your credit rating, the company you choose, and the amount of money you're willing to spend to improve your credit rating.

Other services they reported include helping to recover from identity theft (21%), sending cease and desist letters to creditors (24.8%), letters of goodwill (28.6%), letters of challenge to credit agencies (39.8%), debt consolidation (46.6%), negotiating payments with creditors (48%) and credit consulting (49%). A “business line” is a term that credit companies use to refer to credit accounts that appear in consumer reports. Unfortunately, there is no evidence either way to confirm whether or not credit repair companies can do the job when consumers fail. With the help of the Federal Trade Commission's “do-it-yourself” instructions, technologically and financially savvy consumers can use reporting agencies to repair their own credit. Factors that influence demand for credit repair services include rising incomes in the United States, increasing minimum wages, and decreasing unemployment.

Not only will you miss out on great credit offers and early retirement options, but your poor credit rating can also cost you your dream job.