Can You Make Money in Credit Repair Business?

Credit repair specialists can work as contractors or for credit repair companies. Your salaries may depend on federal, state, and local rates and taxes. If you have additional questions or want to learn more about your legal options, you should consult with a credit repair lawyer. By law, every element of your credit report must be able to be verified within 30 days, and this is where a credit repair service can come in handy.

If you have bad credit, it might be time to take action and repair your credit—there's no reason to wait when it comes to better credit. It's not cheap, but a good credit repair company could help you if you run into any issues with credit reporting agencies. For instance, a common credit repair scam involves filing disputes with different credit reporting agencies over all of a person's delinquent accounts. More established credit repair companies can also have good relationships with lenders, allowing them to negotiate better agreements or reduced, more flexible repayments, although not all lenders are willing to accept those changes and others simply don't like working with credit repair companies.

Because credit bureaus are required to remove these accounts from credit reports while their validity is being investigated, the customer's credit rating is temporarily improved. If you need to start using your credit again but it's in bad shape, then you should consider repairing your credit. The goal of a credit repair company is to bring your credit profile back to (zero) and then work to improve it. Realistically, credit repair companies probably aren't doing anything that you can't do on your own—they just have a better idea of what they're doing.

Just remember that debt settlement could be considered a standalone service depending on the credit repair service you choose. Unless your situation is exceptionally complicated or really urgent, you might find that repairing your credit on your own is easier than you think. As beneficial as it may seem to have a business that seeks to save consumers money, keep in mind that it is not a charity and, with the exception of some non-profit credit counselors, most of the credit repair industry focuses less on helping others than on making money. However, if you think it's too much to get by on your own, a credit repair company can help, but that help comes at a price.